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Camillus Park Revitalization

Camillus Park is a heavily wooded parcel within a residential setting located off WestGenesee Street on Pool Road- truly a unique treasure that if given appropriate care will add greatly to the value of surrounding properties as well as offer educational and recreational resources for all.

Many Camillus residents will remember a pool located within this park. The pool was enjoyed by many generations of swimmers with fond memories of summer fun. Sadly the aged pool is gone, demolished in 2013 as the cost of repair and  maintenance was found to be prohibitive. The good news, however, is that the Town Board recognizing the need for comprehensive planning within the Parks and Recreation Department commissioned a five-year Parks and Recreation Master Plan to encompass not only Camillus Park but each of the other 12 parks in the Town of Camillus. The Master Plan Committee was chaired by Director of Parks and Recreation Eric Bacon assisted by nine volunteer residents.

The Master Plan for Camillus Park included:!!

  • establishing a grass roots organization to raise funds and accomplish the conceptual improvements
  • Constructing a splash pad/spray park
  • Improving existing play ground with a Forest Themed Signature Playground
  • Replacing existing rest room/storage facility with year around facility to accommodate 150 persons and support outdoor activities.
  • Redesigning the existing parking lot with a serpentine footprint
  • Adding a landscape buffer that will screen the maintenance building
  • Improve existing trail system and create a perimeter trail.
  • Construct a pedestrian walkway from Winding Way into the park
  • Selectively thin dead trees to promote healthy fore stration,keeping the natural look
  • Improve drainage in the ravine.

The Friends of Camillus Park, a grass roots organization was formed in 2012 to assist in the revitalization of the park. A not for profit status was awarded to the Friends in September, 2013. The group while supporting the entire master plan was instrumental in changing the status of the Park to dog friendly and is now concentrating on the health of the forest and trail construction. Currently the Town of Camillus has agreed to fund the design and survey of the Winding Way entry. When the design of the entry is accepted, The Friends will begin raising funds and assembling volunteers to complete the entry project. Eric Bacon, Director of Parks and Recreation is in the process writing grant applications to fund the Splash pad/spray park as well as the other enhancements. When completed the Park will offer recreational activities for all ages.

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