HonHoneywell Onondaga Lake Cleanup

The Onondaga Lake cleanup was the result of more than two decades and millions of hours of intensive effort. The project was completed through an unwavering focus on sound science, technical excellence, community engagement, sustainable practices, and a commitment to health and safety. Hundreds of local scientists, engineers, and skilled craft laborers worked with Honeywell to achieve innovative and sustainable results. About 90 acres of wetlands have been restored and more than 250 wildlife species are now calling these areas home. Honeywell completed dredging in November 2014, a year ahead of schedule. About 2.2 million cubic yards of material was removed from the bottom of the lake using hydraulic dredges. Onondaga Lake capping was completed in December 2016. Habitat restoration, a major focus of the cleanup, was completed in 2017.

Honeywell Onondaga Lake Cleanup Honeywell Onondaga Lake Cleanup

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Honeywell Onondaga Lake Cleanup

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