MedMedicare Made Simple, LLC

Now, you can turn to a specialist in the Medicare marketplace who will educate and Ĺ“make simple the complicated Medicare system and myriad of choices.

Theresa Cangemi, CSA, CLTC is the President and owner of Medicare Made Simple, LLC.
Since 2008 (celebrating 10 years now),Theresa has been a Medicare specialist and independent agent who is licensed and works with the Medicare eligible population in New York State and travels throughout to meet clients.
Theresa doesn’t work for the Federal government or any of the Medicare insurance carriers. In fact, she is contracted with ten (10) carriers to offer their Medicare Advantage plans, Medicare Supplements, and Prescription Drug plans.

With 10,000 beneficiaries becoming eligible for Medicare every day, Theresa’s mission is to educate the Medicare eligible population about Medicare, how Medicare works, and how to choose the best Medicare plan that meets the client’s healthcare needs and their medication requirements. The enrollment paperwork is completed together.
Theresa meets with clients one-on-one or in a seminar capacity.

Theresa also works with veterans who need additional coverage for the gaps in coverage that the V.A. does not offer.
Theresa gets paid by a commission by the insurance carrier once you enroll in a plan. She is not fee based.

Other services offered: long term care insurance, dental plans, life insurance (final expense or burial insurance), and travel insurance coverage.

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