TeaTearney’s Martial Arts and Fitness

For over 48 years, World Renown Grand Masters Greg and Judy Tearney have dedicated their lives to empowering others through the martial arts with a character based curriculum of Traditional Okinawan Martial Arts, taught in a modern format, Tearney’s Martial Arts has taught thousands of students to respect others, giving them self-confidence, self respect, integrity, honesty and self defense while improving physical fitness.

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3730 Milton Ave
Camillus, New York 13031 


(315) 487-8724

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PinPine Grove Health & Country Club

We Change Lives

Pine Grove – is about Community Health & Fitness – getting fit and connecting with people in an inspired space that is not just a gym but a Health Club with an organic cafe, life changing fitness programs, and even an 18 hole golf course – all rolled into one.

Besides being a world-class Fitness Center with awesome Group Exercise classes, life changing Training Programs, Basketball and Beach Volleyball courts, plus an 18 Hole Golf Course; Pine Grove is also a social hub of Syracuse’s western community. Stop in for fantastic work out, meet friends, and have fun.

Pine Grove – your Club, your Rules. Join today and change your life.

Pine Grove Health & Country Club

Pine Grove Health & Country Club

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4050 Milton Avenue, P.O. Box 188
Camillus , New York 13031 


(315) 672-8107

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EliElite Personal Fitness

Elite Personal Fitness is a Strength and Conditioning Facility located in the new Township 5 Plaza. We are a specialized service that gives each member their own specific exercise program. Elite works with adults from all walks of life but also has an 12-18 yr old Athletic Performance program.

John Mossotti~ owner of ELITE PERSONAL FITNESS is our July Business of the Month! John and his staff are located in Township 5. Their focus is ‘putting the “right” back in fitness’ EPF works with people who want to lose fat, gain muscle and feel better. John has worked with student athletes and professional baseball players. John supports veterans through the HEROES’ MOVEMENT, which is a non-profit group that pays for vets membership for strength and movement support up to 4x per week at specific supportive fitness locations with individualized programs. Here’s a statement from a local veteran, Rob Maniple, who has been a Heroes Movement member at Elite Personal Fitness: “I began my journey with John and Elite Personal Fitness in January of 2018. Like many, I tend to put myself last. I knew I needed to take care of myself; the demands of work, home and life in general have often times been so overwhelming that I didn’t know where to start. John has dedicated his life to make his clients healthier. He has established a business with us in mind. He and his staff reach out to us. They notice when we are getting caught up, and they reel us back in. Last year, John went a step further and welcomed, with open arms, Veterans like me. John has teamed up with Heroes’ Movement to help vets take charge of their lives again through small group coaching at Elite Personal Fitness. I have a long road ahead of me, thank goodness I have John, Sierra, and the rest of the staff to pick me up when I am down. EPF has set the self improvement standard in Camillus and its surrounding areas. Thank you, John and staff. Sincerely, Rob Manipole.

In addition to the Heroes’ Movement, John supports a charity every month. Some of the charities he has supported are childhood cancer research, the Murph Challenge to raising money for Seeing Eye dogs. John and his staff are trained by the best CSCS which is certified strength and conditioning standard.

Congratulations, John and staff for being chosen Business of the Month!

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150 Township Blvd
Camillus, New York 13031 


(315) 882-2463

Rep 1: John Mossotti - 315 882-2463 - john@joinelitenation.com

Rep 2: Sierra Earle - 315-944-5585 - Send an Email

SporSports Physical Therapy of NY, PC

We are a privately-owned outpatient physical therapy practice that provides evidence-based treatment that will get you out of pain and back in the game of life! No referral necessary for most insurances. Convenient hours. Be seen be a licensed doctor of physical therapy! All ages treated. We treat injuries such as back and spine, neck, pre-and post-surgical care, vestibular conditions, sports medicine, hands, knees, wrists, headaches, and more!

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5320 West Genesee Street
Camillus, New York 13031 


(315) 469-5400

Rep 1: Dr. Chad LaChance, PT, DPT, CSCS - Clinic Manager 315-469-5400 - Send an Email

Rep 2: Bonnie Rudderow - Operations Administrator 315-469-5400 - Send an Email

Rep 3: Dorothy Hall - Executive Vice President 315 410-6200 - Send an Email