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Part 2 is May 5

  • We will Learn and Network at the same time
  • We will have breakout rooms on Zoom
  • Please Register ahead so we can know ahead our break out rooms

  • Jim hasn’t always succeeded in life. He flunked out of college twice, was fired from his 1st management job after completing 3 years in the US Army and failed in 2 of his 4 startups.Yet in his last business he grew it from $0 to $26 million dollars in total sales keeping 92% of his customers for over 40 years. He is not an expert or a guru but he knows how to pivot, to change to market conditions and he knows how to connect at a deep level with his customers so they desired to do business with him. Jim is here to help you succeed.
  • Barbara Stone our Zoom Host-Build Your Own Path

You’re in a health crisis.
Your also in a business crisis.
You know they’re fewer customer dollars to go around to all of you.
Customers are scared and they don’t trust the government
Customers are frustrated and they don’t trust the media
Customers are upset, uncertain and may not trust you
What if you could use an ethical marketing strategy to connect to customers at a quicker, deeper level?
What if you could learn how to differentiate your business in the mind of the customer?
What if you could position your business and you as the best investment for the customer?
A way to give the customer certainty in uncertain times so they do business with you
On April 28th the Liverpool chamber is sponsoring the on-line live workshop

You will learn six research proven principles that will help you influence customers to move in your direction.
This 90-minute fun, informative workshop is delivered by Jim McEntire an experienced speaker, workshop presenter, and highly successful businessman. I have worked with Jim for years and you will walk away with loads of useful, easy to implement strategies.

  • As the presenter starts you will listen to 6-10 minutes of a persuasion strategy.
  • You will then breakout into small groups to discuss how each of you can use this strategy in your business.
  • You will regroup with others to hear of how some other participants will be using this strategy.
  • You will listen to another 6-10-minute lecture on another persuasion strategy.
  • Again, you will breakout into groups to help each outer put these strategies to use.
  • This will cover the 90-minute program and it will be recorded for your future listening.

If your unhappy with your current business situation you can stay where you presently are.

You can do something about it.
Hope to see you there.