• Bagozzi Twins Funeral Home

    We invite you to discover who has made Bagozzi Twins Funeral Home, Inc. the ultimate provider of creating healing experiences in the community.
    (315) 468-2431
  • Peter Wynyard,  Keller Williams Realty

    The Peter Wynyard Team has successfully helped hundreds of families moving in Central New York since 1989. Commitment – Results. Selling Homes Wright with Wynyard.
    (315) 701-6999
  • Bob's Tire Sales

    Camillus Auto Repairs & Maintenances Center
    (315) 468-1992

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    FREE diagnostic of your check engine light! (I know a dealer who charges $105 just to tell you what is wrong!).
  • Web Design by Rick

    CNY Web Design & Maintenance
    (315) 652-3820

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    Need Web Presence! 20% off labor costs of any website build or website maintenance. Good at any time.
  • MangoSellsHomes.com

    Your Community Realtor in CNY
    (315) 487-4042

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     A one hour Buyer’s counseling session or one hour Sellers counseling session to better educate both buyers and sellers as to the process of what is required of them, and address the needs of their specific situation by interpreting the data.
  • Geddes Federal Savings & Loan

    As a valued member of our financial “family”, your needs are our #1 priority. That’s why we offer a wide variety of products and friendly, reliable service-all in one convenient place.
    (315) 468-6281
  • Buranich Funeral Home, Inc.

    Buranich Funeral Home provides funeral, memorial, personalization, aftercare, pre-planning and cremation services in Camillus, NY.
    (315) 487-2412
  • Camillus Kayak Shop

    CNY Largest Kayak & Paddleboard Dealer
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Smile Therapy

What S-T is:

A brief, message of excellence, from some of the world’s best and brightest, delivered on a systematic, daily basis, to enlighten the mind.

(Note: we chose ‘enlighten’ carefully- Webster’s says to instruct, to inform , to give insight, to ILLUMINATE. All with a optimistic, positive injection)

What S-T does:

2 prong benefit

a.) Short term: It’s a guaranteed ‘feel good’ – for people to start their day in a fresh, optimistic, and positive direction

b.) Longer term: In a word- BETTER. Over time consistent reading of ST helps people think better, feel better(about self, life), perform better, and ultimately…BE a better human.


Smile Therapy has a “How we can HELP you” page- 24 resources of immense value- available FREE of charge

Smile-Therapy offers a FREE 30 day trial – allowing people, to experience ST without cost.

For more info:

Visit www.smile-therapy.com

Questions? Contact Grand Poobah of Smiles Tim Smith at creator@smile-therapy.com

Our Offer: Creator Tim Smith will spot you one month for a free trial you can
t help but get your day off to a great start with these motivational and inspiring messages. A great way to motivate your workforce, too! Email him: creator@smile-therapy.com
(315) 672-3590


Welcome To
The Greater Camillus
Chamber Of Commerce

Our goal is to be YOUR Chamber. The Greater Camillus Chamber of Commerce (GCCC) objective is to advance the commercial, financial, industrial and civic needs and interests of Greater Camillus New York. Simply put, the GCCC was developed to promote businesses and to increase growth as well as development of our community in a positive way.

Through membership in the Greater Camillus Chamber Of Commerce, you are investing in your own welfare and success. As a member, you will have the opportunity to increase your clientele base and your important network of business contacts. You will have the opportunity to become involved in business matters that can affect your business and community.